Sunday, June 21, 2009

Car Sick!?!?

No pictures just words. Last Tuesday the kids and I drove 12 hrs to Salt Lake City. Unfortunetelly we had to spend the night in Elko, NV due to a delayed departure. Darin thought that I should have the transmission fluid changed before I left because it has been acting up. The mechanic said my car is falling apart. I am no longer aloud to drive my out of state without Darin. So we rented a car, PT Cruiser, and off we went. 10 min away from Reno, Colten got car sick from being to low in the car and threw up. He then threw up an hour out of Reno and again after we left Elko in the morning, and again in the Sierra's on the way back home. Good times, good times! We did make it to SLC for my Grandpas 80th B-Day Party and had a great time at a cooking class at the Viking Cooking School that night. We also mad it up to Evanston, WY to see Darin's brother Ryan, and his family; however, why we were there the rental car's windshield cracked! We think it was due to change in altitude, humidity, and temperature (cold ), and poor installation, another $200. Lets just say next time we'll fly! All in all, it was a great trip and I only wish Darin could have come with me to share in the Fun.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Here in Monterey!

We moved to Monterey, CA at the end of May 2009. We put all we could fit in a Penske truck and drove from Augusta, GA to Monterey, CA in TWO DAYS so we could get a nice, new 4 bedroom house; and we did! I forgot how beautiful and perfect Monterey is. It has the perfect weather all year round, and is the perfect temperature all day long. This makes it sooo easy to be out side a lot; and we are.

I bike the kids into town, about 7 miles, to Dennis the Menace Playground, The My Museum, or the Aquarium.
My reward, a Jumba Juice and hopefully sinnyness. Then was bike back home and the kids take a nap, sometimes. We do this about 2 or 3 times a week. We love it here!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Do You Hear Banjo Music?

Darin and I went kayaking on Saturday with some friends. We did so on the Chattoga River, guess it was made famos by the movie Deliverence!?! I haven't seen it but aperently if you here banjo music you are suppose to peddle faster. This was my first time kayaking and I was awsome. I did not fall out at all, but some others had a hard time staying in their boats, Darin! The water was alittle low, I thought it was just right for a first time kayaker like myself. We had a great time though, and we, luckly, did not here any banjo music. I look forward to the next time we feel advertureus. Here are some of the pictures from our day on the river.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


This was our trip to Canada. Darin's Parents and sister with her family live up there A! We try to make it out there once a year. London is one and a half and is all about Darin's Dad's cattle ranch. She road a horse with her Uncle Ryan. Spent some time with her cousins Whitney and Sawyer. She had a good time driving a tractor with, and with out her dad, and just being a mess. I was pregnant with Colten at the time, but we had not decide that he was Colten then, and can only remember how HOT it was. Some how I was able to go horseback riding with Darin, and even went on a fishing trip.We had to drive up the road some place, then get on horses for a long uphill ride to this little lake at the top. It was very beautiful but did you see the raft? Darin, Ryan and Marti say the made it when they were like ten or something like that. It was over ten years old, I know that. I don't know how we didn't get wet but some how we stayed dry. I think every one caught a fish but me, but that's fine , I don't love fishing as much as Darin does. I can't believe I kiss those lips some times. All in all it was a pretty good visit with friends and family in Canada A!

Not Another Bonn Fire!

This is London and her "friend who's a boy" Christian. They are a little over a month apart. The two of them were playing together waiting for it to get dark. Darin and I had many-a-friend over for a bonn fire to get rid of what was left from the "tree extraction." This time, I am happy to report, the fire department did not make an uninvited visit.

AHHH Naked Girl!

AHHH naked girl! RUN! London will really love me when I show this to all the boys she brings home for Darin and I to meet.

Pretty In Pink

I don't remember the reason for the "pretty in pink" dress but it was taken in March of '07 and it was too cute to leave out.